Dropping into entertainment.ie headquarters to have a chat with Mike Sheridan, Jack Whitehall is ready to make an assault on thespian superstardom.

At 27 years of age Jack Whitehall is one of the biggest comedians working the European circuit. A seemingly permanent fixture on the major British television networks, he's also an actor and writer who has just finished his first film. The Bad Education Movie is the big screen version of the hugely popular BBC series that Whitehall writes, produces and features in, and it's released in Irish cinemas on August 21st. Jack dropped into chat to Mike about the film, the transition to acting, as well as touring Ireland, his mate James Corden and Miriam O'Callaghan having 30 kids.

You can have a listen on iTunes/Soundcloud or have an aul watch there below if you fancy seeing his mush.

Here's the trailer for The Bad Education Movie out this coming Friday.