Boobs are great, right? Well keep that thought and now double it; apparently (if we're to believe Sony France) the Playstation Vita is akin to a lady with not two, but four boobs. A recent magazine advertising campaign showed the PS Vita alongside a woman with four breasts and the slogan "Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."

Now just to be clear, a PS Vita is NOT a woman with four breasts, it's just like one, except instead of breasts, it's got two touch screens. Keeping up? Do the touch screens feel like breasts? No. Are they round like breasts? No. But... apparently, these touch screens will give you breast-like sensations to the power of 2!

We've yet to confirm this claim, but we'll keep abreast of the situation and you can expect an update as soon as we find this elusive four breasted woman for ourselves.

By Brendan O' Rourke