Now that we're into the second decade of the new millennium, the truth is the future we thought we'd be in isn't quite as we'd expected.

Flying cars are still a long, long way off. The last moon landing mission was in 1972, and humans haven't been back since. Technology may have brought us the internet, but with it comes social media, influencers, fascists trying to take over said social media, and so on.

However, there is one thing that's come out of all of it - and that's people documenting their trials and attempts to make future technology real by using dangerous, unsafe methods that would never work outside of a film set. Case in point is this video by Hacksmith, who's built the world's first fully functional lightsaber.

How does it work? By using a complex, handbuilt powerpack that runs off of a steady supply of propane and oxygen to create the plasma flame that goes up to 4,000 degrees. Dangerous? Yes, absolutely.

Does it cut through steel like in 'The Phantom Menace', however? Yes, it does. It also cuts through walls, Stormtrooper armour, and plastic lightsabers in a matter of seconds.

Here's the full video. It's worth pointing out as well that all the lightsaber sound effects were added in post. It doesn't really make those noises, though it'd be even cooler if it did.