There are some things that naturally work and compliment each other without taking one from the other.

Hall & Oates. Lenny and Carl. And so on. Then, of course, there are things that should never, ever cross paths. Mick McCarthy and singing (look it up). Orlando Bloom and professional acting. We can now add pizza and ice cream to this exhaustive list, because this is a sin against nature and it's why the terrorists hate us.

An ice cream shop in Philadelphia that's clearly staffed by maniacs have come up with a pizza-flavoured ice cream that is an abomination unto mankind itself. Yes, we haven't actually tasted but we can already tell that it tastes like pure evil.


Pizza: A Totally Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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Would you try this? If so, please don't ever speak to us again because there is clearly something wrong with you and we don't want to catch whatever it is that you have.


Via Instagram / Uproxx