It's just par for the course now even if you get photographed with Harry Styles. Caroline Flack was the first to get death threats for her involvement with Harry, but at least she got the ride out of it.

Hairstyle Numero Uno from One Direction was spotted leaving Nick Grimshaw's 'I can't stay out late anymore, me' party with model/DJ/celebrity spawn Pixie Geldof last week and his furious his caring fans have - yet again - taken to twitter to voice their displeasure and warn her off dating him.

Being the mate that he is, Grimshaw tweeted from his bed: "Just reading through some of Pixie Geldof's death threats. Lol (sic)."

According to the Daily Mirror, the threats include such well scribed sentiments as: "I hate you b***h, f**k I'll kill you."

However, it appears they have targeted the wrong girl as Harry attended the Burberry show at London Fashion Week to support his other reported girlfriend Cara Delevingne, who hangs around in Pixie's circle.

On the night, fellow guests couldn't fail to see the 'chemistry' between himself and the module, with one saying: "Harry was smirking every time Cara came along the catwalk. He kept looking away to avoid putting her off, but you could tell there was chemistry there - even from the audience." Concrete evidence. He was probably smirking up a storm cause he could see up her skirt. He is 18 after all.

HNU was romantically linked with the 20-year-old model - who he met through friends Pixie and Nick - last month after being pictured leaving a party together in the early hours of the morning. Much like how he left that party with Pixie last week. Either way, he's hanging about with a load of Primrose Hill: The New Batch tw*ts.

Updated: Harry is also now dating Alexa Chung after being seen flirting with her at Pixie Geldof's 22nd birthday party on Monday night.