And that's about the extent of that story... Well, it's been at least a week since Harry's been linked to a slightly older lady, so a 'story' had to come from somewhere.

Harry and Pixie had been partying together at the Groucho Club to celebrate Nick Grimshaw's last night on the tiles before he starts butchering Chris Moyles' legacy.  And. in short, he offered her a lift home. Well, they were seen getting into his Range Rover together. With a load of other people. The End.

The Daily Mail reports: "Harry and Pixie had enjoyed an evening celebrating their friend Nick Grimshaw's last late night show at Radio 1 before he starts the breakfast show. The pair were joined by designer Henry Holland, rapper Example and DJ Annie Mac earlier in the evening along with Nick. While Pixie was seen drinking and dancing outside the studio Harry appeared to get an early night after being seen driving his own car home. But instead of going to bed Harry had a quick outfit change before heading out to meet Sir Bob Geldof's daughter. The pair may have exited the club together but they were also with other pals in the the car as they headed home, probably to continue the party."

Or just to go home to their respective beds in a speedily fashion 'cause Harry's got his own driver, which is always preferable to waiting around on the side of the road for a cab 'n stuff.
>Harry Styles went for a kip in a dog basket.