The servers of Pirate Bay were raided by armed police in Sweden earlier this week, resulting in the popular file-sharing site being closed down.

It's suspected the raid came on foot of the infamous Sony Hack, which saw several unreleased films make their way onto the Internet. However, the site has been in the crosshairs of police for some time.

However, while the actual raid was successful in bringing down Pirate Bay, it made little difference in the overall picture.

A total of 95 million illegal downloads took place the day after the raid, before that figure returned to its average state within a few hours - approximately 100 million downloads.

Anti-piracy firm Expicio confirmed the statistics, claiming that the five most pirated movies were The Maze Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fury and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As for Pirate Bay's current status, it remains shut down and the site returning a 404. However, a number of copycat sites have sprung up in its wake and are continuing the Bay's work.

Meanwhile, Sony are still scrambling to recover from the security breach. The hackers behind the attack, Guardians of Peace, have said they have a "Christmas gift" in store for Sony.

The FBI are currently investigating Sony Hack, with reports suggesting that the attack escaped almost 95% of Sony's security measures.


via Variety