OK, here's the deal: this here Firday's gossip will be mostly about boobs. What can I say, Jordan set the theme.

As I'm currently in the throws of coming down with one nasty cold/flu situation (it hasn't made up its mind yet), and have less brain power than usual, Alicia kindly helped me out by doing that bit on two of the best-known boobs functioning today.

Clearly, now it's time for Kelly Brook. I'm aware this premiere took place in L.A. two days ago, but the film is released here today so it's still relevant. Mike just went to see it and said it's a heady smorgasbord of breasts, other body parts, and tiny gnashing teeth.

I know, I know, all you want to know is if you'll get to see Brook's boobs bouncing about in 3D. Apparently you will, "on a very fundemental level." As for Jerry "I'm not playing Joe Francie, honest" O'Connell's manhood, well, it's fate has been well documented at this point.

It won't come as a surprise that Bridget Marquardt was present at the premiere.

Next up, a gallery featuring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long... and so on.