Not really. All she really did was sit in a front row at London Fashion Week. In a rather short dress. And no one has taught her how to sit front row at a fashion show before.

See Rosario Dawson, what a pro. See that lady to the right of Pippa? Also a pro. See Pippa Middleton? Well, that's what happens when all your famous for is walking up an aisle in a dress. Once.

Next time, follow the friend's lead and employ some programme literature and/or clutch bag to hide the area. I know it's not fully visible, but thanks to the thigh positioning, and the camera angle, it creates the illusion of it all hanging out there. Seriously, stare at it for long enough, and there it is.

I mean, a set of castanets would've covered the gap and complimented the print on the dress magically.

Either way, Pippa, we're still talking about you even though you're just sitting down instead of walking this time. Isn't life grand. Although you might not be able to use Rosario as a Peaches buffer on every occasion.