On the list of things you totally should not do, allowing someone to fly your plane and then post said image to 80,000 people is one of them.

That's right up there with taking a lift from a stranger and paying for music by Nickelback. You just don't do it.

Sadly, however, one pilot did just that and was promptly handed his P45.

The pilot, who has not been named, allowed Mexican actress / model / singer / who cares Esmerelda Ugalde and her friend, fellow multi-hyphenated person Samahadi Zendejas into the control seat of the plane.

The pair then proceeded to pout, take pictures and even wore the pilot's cap.

Esmerelda initially said that the plane was on the ground when the pictures were taken, however the pilot that the plane was MID-AIR. AS IN ACTUALLY FLYING.

Sure, planes pretty much fly themselves and stuff nowadays, but that's not cool.

The images went viral almost instantly and the pilot, naturally, was swiftly sacked. The images in question have since been deleted from their social media, but not before they were screencapped by many people.


It's not yet known if he'll lose his licence.

A statement from the airline said that they "cannot allow a pilot to make this kind of mistake, it is just not allowed. We cannot allow people to enter the cabin even if they are actors or actresses."

"We are a serious company and we are deeply saddened about the fact that one of our staff behaved in this way. Flight law dictates visitors are not allowed to enter the cabin during the flight."


via Telegraph.co.uk