He’s not one to hold back his opinions, and this last week in particular has been a busy one for the presenter’s mouth.

On today’s Good Morning Britain the topic of conversation was the Screen Actors Guild awards, where Stranger Things actor David Harbour gave an impassioned speech about repelling bullies and outcasts, and actors Jocelyn Towne and Simon Helberg protested against Trump’s Anti-Immigration ban with ‘Let Them In’ messages. The Good Morning Britain host criticized stars who use awards ceremonies as a platform to share their political views and “compete with the one before to shriek more obscenities about Donald Trump”.

He said the focus of the awards are less and less to do with movies as they are turn into a “political rally”. While he himself has spoken out about a variety of political issues in the past, Trump included, he thinks awards ceremonies should be focused on what they’re celebrating. Do you agree? Are awards ceremonies getting too political or are they a good way to get people’s voices heard?