Well, here's a turn-up for the books - Piers Morgan saying something controversial.

While the rest of the British and Irish public condemn Roxanne Pallet for her treatment of eventual winner Ryan Thomas on 'Celebrity Big Brother', the 'Good Morning Britain' host told The Sun that he sympathises with the Emmerdale actress's plight.

Morgan suggest that people should 'just calm down' and that the reaction to the whole thing had 'got a bit brutal'.

"I know Roxanne a bit and I don't feel sorry for in the sense she got herself into this mess and I think she played it very badly," he said. "I think she knows how badly she played it and I think the scale of abuse she's now getting is beginning to get a bit much. People should calm down. She had to leave that show.

“She's lost her pantomime gig, she's lost her radio show. Everyone just wants to wipe down and extinguish and it's got a bit brutal. I think she made a big mistake, shouldn't have done what she did, and I told her, 'Go away, clear your head and come back and start again'. In the end it's a TV show. What she did was not smart and she knows it and I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for her. I think it's now become a witch hunt. It's brutal.”

He added: "At some point you've got to say, 'She's apologised, she knows she made a terrible mistake, it's been disastrous for her and her career."

What d'you reckon - is he right? Has Pallet suffered enough?