Piers Morgan is hoping that he has dangled enough of a carrot out for the people of Scotland to help swing the vote in favour of a 'No' to Independence. 

The vote for Scottish independence is happening this Thursday, and there's all of a sudden a rush of people from the United Kingdom trying to make nice with the Scots before the referendum so that they don't leave. With the polls predicting this to be a tight run thing, Piers Morgan is hoping that his latest gesture will be the one that firmly turns the tide in favour of a 'No' vote. 

A hugely tempting offer for many people in Scotland, but the fact that he's still going to be on Twitter all the time might not make it less effective. Still, it's got to be enough to swing a few votes at least.

Then again, Rupert Murdoch said last week that Morgan was "safe to ignore" at this stage, so would he even be accepted back in the US again either?

Via The Independent