Apologies if you were eating when you read that.

The presenter took time out from re-tweeting hilarious images of himself and BFF Donald Trump to make the announcement on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

"Provocateur by Piers is available in all good perfumeries, and is soon heading to Kim Kardashian," he proudly announced, holding the bottle aloft.

Co-presenter Susanna Reid wasn’t so impressed. "Chris on Twitter says it should be called Eau de Oh Dear – or in fact we could just call it Oh Dear,” she said. "It's been suggested you could buy this for somebody you really don't like!"

Thankfully, for the sake of humanity, the whole thing was a bit of a joke.

Piers was responding to Kim Kardashian who launched her own new fragrance, BAE, last week and named Piers as one of her twelve (only twelve?) “haters” in an Instagram post. (FYI: Other haters included Taylor Swift, Sharon Osborne and Blac Chyna)


Do y’all see this list? 😂 shade queen

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'Provocateur By Piers'. Definitely not on sale now.

Via: Digital Spy