Piers Morgan impressed most of Ireland last night with his frank and entertaining interview with Tubridy on Late Late Show.

The TV personality and former Editor of Daily Mirror talked about his Irish roots, his experiences working with David Hasselhoff (who sounds like a knob, in fairness) and everything else.

Thankfully, he didn't bring up Arsenal.

Here's Morgan discussing his time as a judge on America's Got Talent.


After the interview, Morgan and Tubridy hit the tiles and enjoyed a few pints of the Black Stuff.


Morgan, who's father is a Galway man but moved to Offaly, sank a few with Padraig Harrington in the green room at RTE's TV Centre.



As for his host, Piers was more than complimentary.


So there you have it. Piers Morgan is a Galwegian at heart. Who knew, eh?