Having a rough day in work? It's OK, a career change is always an option - for example, this woman gets paid to spray bronzer on Zac Efron's abs. ANYTHING is possible. 

If you're looking for a clear uninterrupted shot of Zac's abs post spritzing, here you go.


When Zac isn't getting make up applied to his stomach, he's engaging in a tire flipping race with The Rock...

And hoisting Sacha Baron Cohen - in full Brothers Grimsby regalia - up in the air. He just happened to be lurking around the Baywatch set. He's EVERYWHERE at the moment. He's even hanging out with the Kardashians

Zac captioned the above: "@sachabaroncohen creepin around set today. He showed me a scene from "The Brothers Grimsby" - I was dying laughing. It's going to be the raunchiest, most action packed, hilarious movie in a long time (besides my new movies duh). Love me some Sacha #Baywatch"