Another week, another load of celebrities pulling out all the stops on red carpets across this mighty globe we're spinning on.

Jennifer Lawrence brought us something of a new look thanks to this sequined Dior cutaway dress which seems to be housing Beetlejuice in the bodice (apologies; whenever I see black and white stripes on a garment, I think Beetlejuice). 

MIley Cyrus brought us the spirit of Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan, and it's a look she'll hopefully try more often. Made for it. And we love the Prada heels, although may not be brave enough to wear them. 

Jennifer Lopez continues to defy time, looking stylish in a dress we're sure Taylor Swift wouldn't be adverse to eyeballing. 

Our favourite look from the last seven days, however, has to be Amanda Seyfried's double braids avec Valentino dress at the premiere of her latest film.