We know it's a popular place of emigration for many Irish folk, but seriously, how are they all staying alive out there? If it's not gigantic spiders or terrifying sharks, it's a mother truckin' three metre snake just having a kip in your toilet, along with his buddy too.

This horror story took place in a home in Queensland and Zoology student and volunteer snake catcher Elliot Budd was called to remove them. He talked to Mashable Australia about the incident and said; "Speaking to a few other snake catchers, they've heard of it happening. Maybe it happens once every couple of years, if you're lucky.

"I've had a couple in office buildings, which is usually a bit of a surprise," Budd said. "I've had one on the top of a garage roller door, so when I put the door down it almost fell on top of me ..."

Sweet baby Jesus.

Budd also explained how he removed these snakes from the toilet bowl; "The first one, we had to unbolt the toilet because he was stuck in there," he explained. "The second one, basically, after 15 minutes of holding onto him, he eventually started coming out on his own."

Have a look...

The pair were carpet pythons, 3 metres (9.8 feet) and 2.4 metres (7.9 feet) in length, respectively.

Budd did go on to say though that these snakes were not necessarily dangerous and were non-venomous; "They're considered to be harmless to people. They're not something to be feared, but you shouldn't go grabbing one if you don't have the training."

Yeah, dangerous or not, still wouldn't like to meet one in our bathroom.

While he also explained that they might have picked the toilet bowl as a home down to the extremely dry weather saying; "They're looking for water.I've gotten a few in swimming pools and in laundry sinks, and even in kitchen sinks."

Just in case you are worried by the way, the snakes were placed in a more suitable, non-toilet like, habitat.