Dare we say it, but it seems the internet is more interested in the photos of Tom Hardy slow dancing with his dog at last night's Legend premiere. A cursory look at twitter shows that there are just as many photos of Tom and his dog as there is of him alongside pregnant wife Charlotte Riely. 

32-year-old Charlotte, who is pregnant with her first child (this will be Tom's second; he has a son from a previous relationship), showcased her bump in a stunning Haney gown.

Wait 'til you see the back.

Tom's second date - his dog, Woody, arrived in his birthday suit....


The happy couple (that being Tom and Charlotte) married on the QT in 2014, and their life as man and wife has been nothing short of wedded bliss thus far. Charlotte shared the following with the Sunday Herald back in May: "I just love him however he comes (oooook)... He's great around the house. We do designated things. I love recycling. He's good at making the bed. It works brilliantly."

Via Us Weekly