With summer long over at this stage, and autumn starting to look a lot more like winter already, it's time to change up the wardrobe by bringing out the heavy artillery. T-shirts can be put in storage until next summer, and you can forget about the luxury of wearing a shirt without a thick layer on top of it, because winter is coming.

The only thing is, you haven't bought any seasonal clothes since this time last year, and you want to freshen things up without breaking the bank. Thankfully H&M launched their new Autumn/Winter collection last week, David Beckham's Modern Essentials range.

Beckham has selected all of the items in the range himself, which explains that brilliant video with Kevin Hart, so you know they're going to look good. Still, we thought give you a hand in putting some pieces together so you don't have to worry about what matches what, and we've managed to keep all the outfits under €100.

The Dark Side

Winter is a time where you can get away with wearing much darker pieces without the fear of drawing the sun to your back, or having your mam ask why you don't wear brighter colours. So as long as you're willing to leave your mam's fashion advice to one side, as well as the inevitable warnings of wind and rain, you can pull off this classic double denim look with minimal effort.

Seriously, it's just a top and a jacket, throw them on when you wake up and you're already halfway there to being James Dean circa 1954.

This is the most expensive of the three outfits, but trust us, you're paying for quality here.

Denim jacket - €39.99
Textured top - €19.99
Skinny jeans - €39.99

Overall Cost - €99.97

The Formal

This time of the year is all about layering, which is great for two reasons. Not only are you going to be kept nice and warm, but you get to show off half of your wardrobe at once, as well as how well you can put it all together. This preppy look is perfect for any semi-formal occasion, and is a bit of twist on a classic look, with the beige skinny-fit twill trousers. 

Are you going to have to put up with some ichiness? Well you're wearing a jumper, so probably, but we've already got ourselves one of these and trust us, they're incredibly comfortable. Plus, if it gets too hot just take it off and you're left with a 100% cotton shirt, so you could be a lot worse off. See? The power of layering.

This outfit is the cheapest of the three, and if we had to choose, it's probably our favourite.

Sweater - €19.99
Shirt - €19.99
Trousers - €19.99

Overall Cost - €59.97

The Casual

Just because you have the option to layer doesn't mean you need to, and you may not want to always put yourself in a more formal look. That's fine, and the chances are, most of the time you won't need to, so if you just fancy a casual look, the Modern Essentials range has you covered.

There's a number of jumpers to pick from, all different sizes, blends, and shapes, but we've gone with this beige sweatshirt because of how easy it is to match up with the rest of your wardrobe. A plain t-shirt underneath, and then put it with a darker pair of jeans and you're done. Whether you're sitting around the house for family dinner, out for a drink with mates, or walking around town, this'll cover almost any occasion.

Sweatshirt - €19.99
T-shirt - €9.99
Jeans - €39.99

Overall Cost - €69.97

As part of the launch we're running a competition with H&M to give you a chance to win a €50 voucher, so if you fancy knocking a big chunk off your final bill, just head over to here and enter.