While I aim to be one of those people who has their clothes laid out the previous night and skip off to bed with the house gleaming, I accept that I never will be on of them. My wardrobe choices - especially at the beginning of the week - are dictated by what my hand finds first in the wardrobe because my eyes will be shut à la Mr Mole until at least 9am, when I peel them back with my fingers as I stand in line for my first coffee of the day. For anyone who has seen me in Butler’s during this difficult time, I apologise.

So how about taking hair and makeup from the best of the celeb looks from the last week? We’ve rounded up some of my favourites for delight and delectation.

First up is Taylor Swift. 

I love this look she sported at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards - golden, natural and with a little definition around the eye. Top marks, Taylor, top marks.

If my hair could just take care of itself on a Monday morning, I would ask it to copy Brittany Snow’s tousled, textured braid (also from the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards). It’s messy enough to keep it causal but put together enough to give some relaxed polish to your look.

And my third choice is Zendaya at Nickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Her glossy hair is like a grown out Purdy from The Avengers that surely no one but she and Joanna Lumley could pull off. And that necklace and makes her looks like a princess just popping down to the shops for a pint of milk.

Feast the peepers on some other looks that caught our eyes this week.