It's not unusual to bring a sweater with you when you're on holidays. Even if you're visiting a mostly warm climate, it can often get chilly at night so it's important to dress appropriately. 

What is a little bit unusual though is when you've knit the sweaters yourself and said sweaters feature the landmarks that you're visiting. 

Photos of the many trips Sam Barsky has taken in which he's gotten a picture of himself standing beside a landmark while wearing the sweater he knitted featuring said landmark have gone viral and they're kind of brilliant. 

Our favourite part about the photos is that Barsky hasn't limited the sweaters to just famous landmarks. He's also knitted some random and obscure places too. 

Barsky told Mashable that he started his knitting hobby in 1999.

"I started knitting in March 1999 and made two solid colored sweaters followed from a pattern,"

The following year he decided to set himself a challenge of knitting his own pictorial sweater, without following a pattern.

"After that was a success, I've been knitting sweaters like that one after another, featuring either generic scenery or specific landmarks. Anything that crosses my eyes is a potential sweater," he explained.

Barsky has yet to travel to all of the landmarks that he has knitted but has set himself the goal of doing it in the future. 

"To this day, I have pictures while wearing 91 of the 103 sweaters around the exact landmark or style of scenery or something quite similar, and I have a goal of doing this for all of them, though most of the remaining ones will require travel to other continents," he said.

Images via Imgur