Marriage, huh, yeah. What is it good for?

Well, plenty of things. That doesn't mean it's all too popular down in Argentina though, at least not among the younger generations anyway.

With marriage numbers falling, as people wait until later in their life to tie the knot, if at all, there's a whole generation of young people who have never experienced a wedding.

That's what Falsa Boda say, an Argentinian events company that puts on fake weddings. And by all accounts, they seem to be pretty popular, so maybe they're right.

The company put on events that mimic weddings, but it's the guests who get to choose the venue, dates, times, and dress code. Sounds like our kind of wedding.

A hired couple play the role of the bride and groom, and they even act out their vows in front of the guests, but afterwards the real fun starts.

Yep, you guessed it, food, drinks, dancing, a live band, what's not to love?

The owners of the company have said it's been such a success that they plan on rolling out the idea to even more countries, and with 70 international Facebook fan pages already, it looks like there might be some legs to it.

We just want to know will each wedding still consist of an overly touchy-feely drunken uncle, an awkward silence with a second cousin you've only met the once, a crying bridesmaid in the corner, and a fight between two of the groomsmen. If not, they can keep they're stupid civilised wedding, sounds like no craic.

Via Buzzfeed