As you may know, before the Oscars take place, the Academy throws a luncheon for all of the nominees - so that they can meet, mingle and have a group photo taken for posterity.

This year's luncheon took place at the Beverly Hills Hilton yesterday and there was a hell of a lot of selfie-taking going on as some of the biggest stars in the movie business rubbed shoulders.

One of the most popular ones being shared on social media is Greta Gerwig taking a selfie with Steven Spielberg, Sam Rockwell, Sally Hawkins, Timothee Chalamet and Guillermo Del Toro (somewhere, James Corden is seething that he didn't manage to squeeze his mug in.)

Even Meryl Streep got in on the action as she was spotted taking a selfie with Chalamet and her future Big Little Lies co-star Laura Dern, while our own Saoirse Ronan was also present.

See below for some of the snaps: