If you're an aviation geek, chances are you're reading this from Shannon Airport's runway right now.

The Antonov-AN225, the world's largest aircraft is currently sitting on the only runway in Ireland big enough to accommodate it.

How big is the Antonov, you might ask?


Yes, that's an Irish Rail locomotive being brought into Ireland via the Antonov AN-225.

The massive aircraft, which is capable of taking SIX-HUNDRED-AND-FORTY TONNES, is currently sitting on Shannon Airport's runway and, by all accounts so far, is a sight to behold.

The AN-225 was originally designed to ferry a space shuttle around the place because, y'know, that makes perfect sense.

It's understood the AN-225 is in Ireland with gas and oil equipment and is headed onward from Shannon to somewhere in France. The aircraft currently acts as a heavy cargo plane and, in some cases, is the only bidder for certain contracts to lift.

So how much would it cost to fly something in the AN-225?

To fly a chimney duct from Denmark to Kazakhstan would set you back €220,000. Of course, if you're sending a chimney duct to Kazakhstan for no reason, chances are that kind of money's nothing to you.



Thanks to Sean Curtin, we've got a better look at the AN-225 on the runway. He sent these into us and, we've gotta say, it's look even bigger than we could have imagined.