Look it; he's promoting his new single called Like I Would, and he captioned the below pic of his 'face tat' "Like I would", so either he's got someone fierce clever doing his marketing, or he's really committed to promoting his new solo ventures - and loving his M.O.M. In short, we reckon it's fake. 

Since he posted the pic, twitter has been embroiled in a debate regarding whether it's real or not. Again, we reckon it's fake, but we're not a professional tatto artist, unlike Kevin Paul. He's been tweeting the below theories. 

Needless to say, the above post resulted in a load of "he's not in the band anymore" type tweets. 

Anyway, this morning, celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul (who is currently penning a sitcom, don't you know) STILL can't make up his mind...

As it turns out, a massive Zayn fan has been on Gigi Hadid's snapchat and screen grabbed this recent post of his sans face tat. Nuff said. You can all go about your business now this Monday morning, nothing to see here.

Via heatworld