It's not often we post pictures of high art, but when we do, it's for a damn good reason.

We found these photoshopped images over on Tumblr and, quite frankly, they're a work of art.

You might recall that time Beyonce and Jay Z paid a trip to the Lourve in Paris, France where they posed in front of paintings such as the Mona Lisa and so on.

They continued this trend with a new thing to hate about Instagram - the 'Art Selfie'.

However, some GENIUS has taken Bey and Jay's art selfie and made it even more flawless.

They've added 100% more Marty Morrissey to the proceedings.

Yes, international sex symbol / GAA personality Marty has been digitally entered into the lives of pop culture royalty and it's just incredible.


Flawless. Timeless.


Such elegance. Look at his tie.


#aesthetic #goals #artselfie #martymorrissey


Hmm. Fascinating. And such poise.


Our personal favourite.


Via Tumblr