Well, they did make a lot of money singing about friendship never ending, so they should be contractually obligated to be seen hanging out a certain points throughout the rest of their lives. Here they are getting on down in presumably the VIP area of the Isle of Wight festival... Yep, it's THAT slow a news day that we're posting stories about three of the Spice Girls hanging out together tree days ago at a festival.

In case confirmation is required regarding who Geri Horner is, it's Geri Halliwell under her marital guise. Well, her new hubby - Christian Horner does have his own helicopter. He probably has his own special red room, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Mrs. Horner then bumped into the Spice Bus...

Before running into her former bandmates...

Emma Bunton didn't break her finger in the collision; seemingly that injury happened prior to the event. 

Kudos for the plaster embellishment. That's ratcheting 'festival chic' up a gear.

Via Buzzfeed