It's not every day you see a man bring his sheep through Lidl on a lead. Luckily someone was on hand to capture it on their phones. 

The man behind the Belfast Books Limited Facebook page, John Junk took photos as he encountered the rogue shepard and his companion in a Lidl in Portrush. 

John said the shepard had attracted the attention of plenty of customers in the store before he approached him and warned that he might cry foul of the Lidl staff over the stunt. 

"It said 'no dogs' so I'll be dead on love!". he quipped. 

Sadly this was not to be the case as it seems he was asked to leave the store by a staff member. 

John was keen to stress that although the sheep's owner seemed to have had drink taken, he showed genuine affection for the animal and it didn't appear to be in need of rescue.