Forget Lewis dating Gigi Hadid AND Kendall Jenner after being photographed together, and Rihanna dating that footballer after being photographed together; now Rihanna and Lewis have been photographed together so they're obviously dating. Thing is, the below photograph was taken a while back, when they were both attached... Seemingly they've been 'friends' for years.

According to Glamour Magazine: "The most recent sighting of the couple was at Da Silvano restaurant in New York last Saturday, before they hit the 10AK nightclub.

A source speaking via the outlet added: "They've had a flirtation for years and have always fancied each other, but since May this year they've been talking a lot. Finally their schedules allowed them to spend a weekend in the same part of the world and they made the most of it... He is a bit infatuated with her and thinks she is not only sexy but incredibly funny, although he knows she has a reputation as a heartbreaker."