Last night, on the red carpet London premiere for The Lobster (which was shot in Dublin, don't you know), Rachel Weisz had this to impart regarding her swarthy co-star Colin Farrell: "I'd never met Colin before. I met him when he had the increased weight and his face and his jawline were like doughy flesh, so he will always be David to me."

Behold 'David'.

At the risk of sounding crass, I still totally would. It's all in the eyes, you see, and Faddler has a lovely pair on him. 

As it turns out, Colin wasn't as much of a fan of his increased weight: "It was not really a joy because you're just eating for eight weeks. I didn't want to put on weight because I didn't want to work to lose it, so I was saying to Yorgos, 'What about if he's really thin?' Because I did want to alter my physicality somewhat." That obviously didn't fly.

See all the photos from night's red carpet extravaganza on Leicester Square below. 

Via The Independent