When Megan Determan decided to bring her dachshund Louie to her engagement photoshoot, along with her betrothed Chris Kluthe she must have known the pics would become all about him.

Speaking of her dog's temperament - especially around her other half - Megan said: "If I'm snuggled up with Chris, Louie has to be right in there too. If I'm giving Chris a back rub, Louie wants to get one at the same time. When we were practicing our first dance the other day, he sat there and barked until I picked him up... I feel like Louie’s always just kinda like that. Anytime I go to touch Chris, he’s like, no, I want to be pet."

According to MyModernMet.com: "Though he may have taken the focus off the engaged couple, they didn't mind. In fact, Determan ordered a full-size canvas of Louie's photobomb so she can hang it in her home. 'We have a bare wall, and we’ve been waiting for the perfect picture for it," she explained. "We thought it was going to be something from our wedding, but now it'll be a picture of Louie'."

Chris meanwhile, wasn't sure what was going on: "I knew he was in the shot, I didn't realize he was that much in the shot."

No prizes for guessing who wears the trousers in that household. 

Via Time  / DnKPhotography