If the new series of Planet Earth has taught us anything, it’s that animals are magnificent, incredible beings. But humans? They are weird as f***.

The Gardner Police Department in Massachusetts had reports of a mountain lion being in the area of Celebration Park over the weekend, and so they set up a number of cameras to try to find the big cat.

Two trail cameras were set up in the park but no lions were spotted.

They did see a skunk and some other wild animals…




… but then s*** got weird.







The Gardner Police Department posted the following message on Facebook: ‘We have included a few of these images for your review. We now have another different concern. We are attempting to identify some of the wildlife and activity in these images.

‘We would like to sincerely thank the persons responsible as it made our day when we pulled up what we expected to be hundreds of pictures of coyotes, foxes and raccoons. Thank you to the citizens who noticed the cameras. Your effort and sense of humour are greatly appreciated.’


Via Indy.com