So Posh Spice is in Dublin Town and we sent our own private paparazzi to Brown Thomas to catch a few snaps of her not smiling. Clearly she's gotten used to the heat in California 'cause she'd want to be feeling the cold in that coat. It's bloody roasting out woman! Unless she's got nothing on underneath... I'll just let you speculate that for a wee while... (*whispers* she looks like she's about to flash her audience). Also, while we love the shoes and indeed Victoria Beckham herself, (always been a fan of hers and I don't quite know why) couldn't her hair could have done with a bit of a combing? We know you're a well respected high flying fashion designer these days and all Vic, but an 'oul hairbrush wouldn't go a miss.

So why was she here? To have a meet and greet with 50 of her most loyal Irish shoppers, that's why. She's nice like that. You can read more about why she decided to grace Dublin with her presence here.

What do you think? Were you one of the lucky ones? Was she nice? Do tell.