While his missus-to-be Michelle Keegan was living it up at The BAFTAS last night, her betrothed Mark Wright was getting ousted from his own Stag Party after a poolside palaver.

The TOWIE star, who is enjoying his Stag at Vegas' MGM Grand with just a few family and friends (about 40 souls, by all accounts), was apparently having some friendly bants with a security guard before "chucking him in" to the pool. While the security guard took it in good jest, the hotel's resident pool security did not...

According to The Mirror: "Moments later more security in red T-shirts turn up to give an anxious-looking Mark a talking to. After much deliberation security fortunately decided to give him a stern warning rather than kick him out - and it's just as well as it's also the hotel they're all staying at. Mark didn't seem too fazed as it wasn't long before he was back in the pool and partying again."

As for how the rest of the stag is going, a source told The Mirror: "The whole group is feeling it now, it's the last push to the end and they all went home early to get naps, it has been hard for them, especially Mark who is a bit of a lightweight compared to some of the others."

Lightweight or not, he can really rock a pair of manties.