You’d almost make the trip over just to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Domino’s Pizza Japan have announced that they are training reindeer to deliver pizza to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago.

A number of meteorologists have predicted that this winter will be ‘particularly cold’ in Japan with severe snowfalls, and so Domino’s Pizza Japan are reportedly in talks with reindeer breeders to have special ‘snow deliveries’ done by the strong, sturdy, cold-resistant animals.

Thus, even if roads become blocked by the snow, Hokkaido residents can still eat pizza in the comfort of their own homes. Pretty neat, huh?

While it almost sounds like a publicity stunt, Domino’s press release suggests they’re taking the venture seriously, working with a research centre in Hokkaido and taking ‘all possible steps’ to ensure the welfare of the animals by coordinating with experts to learn more about what the animals can carry and how far they can carry it.

Domino’s previously followed through with their ‘drone delivery service’ just this month (the drones won’t work in Japan due to the weather).

The company released pictures of the training exercises around Hokkaido, with the delivery tests being monitored by animal trainers:




 Via Fortune