Meet Liam Murphy, the soundest man in the world. For this week at least.

Liam, originally from Bandon, Co. Cork, is over in the United Arab Emirates for work at the minute, as I'm fairly sure this photo from his Facebook will prove.


Anyway, on his travels Liam decided to head along to an indoor theme park called Ferrari World, which actually does sound pretty great. On his way to the place Liam got talking to his taxi driver, Shakiha, and discovered that he had never been to Ferrari World. Originally from India, Shakiha has been living in the UAE for 14 years, sending money home to his family every month.


Not only had Shakiha never been to the theme park, but Liam then found out that because Shakiha was also his lift home, he was just going to wait for him in the carpark for four hours, like he does with all of his other customers. Of course, like any decent human being(Irishman), Liam simply couldn't stand(sit on a bunch of rollercoasters) idly by and allow this to happen, so he bought him a ticket and brought him along for the day.



In case you couldn't tell from the pictures, this was Shakiha's first time on a rollercoaster, but seeing as it's one of the fastest in the world, we'll allow him to pull a couple of faces. They even stopped for pizza, courtesy of Liam, on the way home. Well done, sir, we're proud.

Via Buzzfeed