Those celebrity-types sure do love Hallowe'en, but let's face it - they're not off down the road in a black bag on them and a bit of facepaint they found down the setee. Oh no.

Here's just a brief selection of what they got up to last night. You think any of them went out trick-or-treating? Or possibly a bonfire and a few bangers? Probably not.

Taylor Swift dressing up as a white unicorn / pegasus hybrid for Hallowe'en is the most Taylor Swift thing we've ever seen. Meanwhile...


Katy Perry SAYS she dressed up as a Cheeto, but all we see is a volcano dick. So, there's that.


Kim Kardashian dressed up as Anna Wintour, the Managing Editor of Vogue Magazine. We're guessing Kanye West dressed up as Brian Lloyd, the Weekend Editor of


Beyonce and Blue Ivy dressed up as Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. N'aww.


Amazingly, we can still see Justin Bieber's awful personality shine through this costume. Also, was he even alive when the Power Rangers were a thing?!


Jessica Alba dressed up as Slash and her friend as Axl Rose. We highly doubt either of those women have ever taken a trip to Paradise City.