Helen Flanagan's liddler is coming along leaps and bounds by the looks of this en route to pregnancy yoga picture to Instagram is anything to go by. I hear you - there has been a major influx of baby/toddler 'news' this morning, but that's just how the cookie crumbles some mornings. Kim and Kanye are obviously enjoying some downtime at the moment after their strenuous photobomb on Monday.

Helen broke the news of her pregnancy via twitter back in December after there was a load of 'wombers' regarding the status of her, well, womb. Since then, she has been filing multiple progress reports regarding her growing up. The latest of which included...

Helen famously gave up her roll in Corrie to set up home with professional football player Scott Sinclair (Man City, innit), whom she's been with for six years.

At the time, someone purporting to be a friend of Helen's told The Sun: "It’s a much-wanted pregnancy which makes it all the sweeter. Helen is so thrilled."