Huge congrats are in order for Munster man and rugby giant Paul O'Connell, who donned quite the regalia to receive his honorary doctorate of science from the University of Limerick today...

Flanked by his family - including wife Emily, son Paddy, and baby girl Lola - the former Irish captain said: "To get appreciated by your home university is something very special. When you grow up in Limerick close to the city, UL ends up being a big part of your life. Long before I ever went here training for Munster, I would have come here for all manner of activities, from camping, to school tours to debating competitions."

According to The Independent, UL President Professor Don Barry: "Much thought, consideration and deliberation goes into deciding who is worthy, except when it is a real-life super hero and particularly when his name is Paul O’Connell. The awarding of a University of Limerick honorary doctorate is an occasion when we get the opportunity to honour those who have inspired, who have led with courage and passion and who have made great contributions in their fields of endeavour... I am very proud that UL bestowed upon Paul our highest honour. He was already an important member of the UL family, but today he accepted a place in the history of this institution."

This is usually where we'd insert a wry quip regarding how - what with him now being a Doctor, 'n all - he'd be able to help heal his own leg. But that's wrong, on many levels.