FINALLY! Someone on a red carpet doing the latest 'underwear as outwear' trend some justice. Thank you, Emily Blunt. John looks so proud...

Inspired by her beautifully bold Dolce & Gabbana ensemble at last night's Into The Woods premiere at New York's Ziegfeld Theater, we thought we'd have a hawk at other celebrities who'd recently bust out the bra on the red carpet. We were trying to be positive about the trend, but how can we be when everyone - apart from Blunt - has been missing the mark... The below are our findings (as in we inserted the word 'bra' into WENN's search field and here's what it threw up from the last year)

When Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't quite get it right, you know this is an incredibly tricky look to pull off.

Others who almost hit the nail on the proverbial include Jennifer Hudson at the recent BET awards, Chloe Grace Moretz at the PSLA Autumn Party Benefiting Children's Institute, and Zendaya at the American Music Awards. OK, she may resemble the inside of a box of cigs, but - as bras on show go - it's not that bad...

If you're wondering where Rihanna, Madonna, Miley and Gaga are, the four of them wearing bras (if we're lucky) in public is akin to massacring fish in a barrel. In a bid to be a bit different, we've sourced a pic of Gaga almost fully clothed while still wearing a bra.

For some reason I can't get Joan Collins on safari out of my head, but at least it's not an actual lacy bra on show - shame the same can't be said for Selena Gomez at the 2014 Ischia Global Film and Music Festival... in a word "BUSY". If ever a camis needed employing, it's here.

Prepare for things to take a decided downturn. Enter Dakota Fanning, who chose to have all of her underwear on show.

And, as ever, Rita Ora is bringing up the rear. Literally. Her black bra may not be entirely in your face, but the arse of her pants sure is.