Oh, 2016. You really have no chill to speak of.

It's bad enough that you're taking some of the greats and subjecting us to an U.S. Presidential Election that looks and sounds more like a reality TV show, we've now also got creepy clowns to contend with. The phenomenon, which began in the U.S. and has now spread across the globe, involves people literally appearing out of nowhere in clown garb during the middle of the night.

The express purpose, it would seem, is to terrorise and frighten people - and it's working. Already, colleges in the U.S. have organised clown hunts and police have warned people not to open fire on clowns or interact with them. At times like this, it's when you need someone like Batman.

Except Batman is around and, more specifically, he's in Whitehaven in Cumbria. A group known as Cumbria Superheroes have taken to the streets to patrol against creepy clowns, dressed in full cosplay gear. The images, which were uploaded by BBC on their Facebook page, show Batman chasing clowns out of Whitehaven.

We all know that Batman's got a problem with clowns anyway, so this totally makes sense. Take a look.


Via Facebook