As if air travel wasn't bad enough, soon enough you might have someone sitting above your head.

Airbus have applied for a patent that will see the airline pile passengers on top of each other. At first, we thought it'd be a bad idea, but we're coming around to the idea.

The company has said that the potential new system 'provides passengers occupying the seats of the passenger seat arrangement enough space to guarantee a high level of comfort', and we kind of agree. This system allows for seats to recline, meaning you could have a sleep and not wake up with a dead arm from resting your head on your right-angled arm. 

Although, that might mean sleeping beside a stranger, if it means we don't have to make small talk with them, we're OK with it.

Here, have a look at the drawings and see what you think. Would you prefer your seat to be like this?

What a time to be alive.

Via Metro