This happened over in the UK, by the way. Just across the pond... Bare that in mind if a droplet of tap water comes in contact with your lens. 

18-year-old Jessica Greany opened up about her ordeal in an article she posted for The Tab. The long and the short of it is, tap water splashed onto her contact lens, which resulted in one parasite by the name Acanthamoeba Keratitis gaining access to her eyeball. This amoeba then started burrowing into her eye, consuming her cornea from the inside out.

The only way of treating the resulting infection - which can obviously render the sufferer blind - is to have eye drops administered every 10 minutes in hospital for a week... As if the parasite consuming your cornea wasn't torture enough.

Speaking of how she coped, Jessica said: "I wasn’t allowed to sleep properly for nearly a week. A method not dissimilar from Chinese water torture; being awake for so many hours led to me watching a shit load of films with my one good eye, including 50 Shades of Grey. I had to close the laptop every time the nurse came in an attempt to prevent her from thinking I was watching some kind of weird porn from my hospital bed."

Then, after day 4, she started to lose the plot, crying every 5 minutes and - on top of that - her immune system started to break down.

Today, while she is much better, she still needs treatment: "I'm still on 22 eye drops a day, but this has decreased from 41 – and hopefully will continue to decline with every hospital appointment and check up. It is expected that I’ll have to continue the treatment. Even on nights out, I sometimes have to take eye drops with me in a refrigerated bag - still beats nearly being killed by a bug."

Via Buzzfeed