For those that don't know, when an election count is called and spoiled votes are numbered by the election agent, it refers to somebody who basically tore up their ballot card.

Not literally, of course, but either filled it out incorrectly or tried to vote for a candidate who wasn't on the ballot. Case in point being this ballot card where some gas character tried to vote for UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

Was it for this, etc.?

No, but seriously, it's entirely possible Conor McGregor could stand for election and be voted in. Which party would he stand for, though? Definitely not Fine Gael, there's no way he'd last that long in the party without trying to smash somebody's face in for talking out of their hoop. In fact, he probably wouldn't go for established political parties.

Maybe he could form his own and get a few other sports personalities to join him? You could have him and Katie Taylor canvassing for votes and offering to choke / knock people out in exchange for their first preference.

That sounds like the makings of feudal despotism, but anything's better than a Fine Gael / Fianna Fáil government at this stage.


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