Look, pizza is pizza. And we love it. But we're not crazy about the idea of pizza from a vending machine.

A pizza chain in the US has rolled out a stream of pizza vending machines, which promise to deliver cheesy-ragu goodness in just a few minutes.

Salvatore's Old-Fashioned Pizzeria - which is a totaly oxymoron because it's pizza from a machine - have developed a vending machine that can create your own, custom-designed pizza with toppings and pop it out in a matter of minutes.

We haven't tried one (yet) and to be honest, we're sketchy about this.

How long's that dough been sitting there? What about the marinara ragu?

Sure, the novelty's great and all and we can't get enough pizza. But vending machine pizza? No, sir.

You'd either have twenty kinds of polluted or clawing-at-your-face desperate for pizza to attempt it. And even then, ew.


via Reddit