The Sonoma Marin Fair in California is home to the official World's Ugliest Dog competition.

The event, which organisers believes highlights the natural beauty and charm of animals despite their unconventional looks, is held yearly in the States and attracts a worldwide audience of fans.

This year saw 24 entrants pulled from across the globe to compete in the event.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the entrants.

This is Scamp, from Compton. Scamp is literally straight outta Compton.


Pork is 13 years old, is a pure-bred Chihuahua and regularly pees everywhere because it has a tiny bladder.


Zoomer is a rescued dog, who had been attacked by a fellow dog and was due to be put down. Like you could keep hair that fabulous down.


Quasi Modo, who won the competition with a whopping 1,704 votes, was the clear winner. He's a 10-year old Pitbull / Dutch Shepherd mix who has a number of birth defects, including a spine that is too short ofr its body.


The winners receive $1,500 in prize money whilst some owners receive the Spirit Award. The ceremony's been running for over 50 years, believe it or not.

Have you got any ugly mutts of your own?


Via Sonoma-Fair