If you’re a frequenter of the aul internet, you no doubt will recall the 'Girlfriend vs. other girlfriend' meme that was all over the internet about a fortnight ago.

Now there’s a new interpretation of the "you vs. the girl he cheats with" caption on a new meme shared by 18-year-old Payton Hicks from Muncie, Indiana, via Twitter:


Her tweet has gone viral and people are loving it. Funnily enough though, it has left some people (most of whom are men) baffled. If you haven’t guessed by now, they see both curly hairstyles as the exact same.







And women have been delighting in that fact:








In fairness some figured it out on their own…



…though it is worth noting that the irony of the original 'Girlfriend vs. other girlfriend' meme is that the man in it is checking out a girl who looks almost exactly like his girlfriend – which is also the case here.


Via Buzzfeed