When it comes to Disney's live action offerings in the 90s, nothing topped Homeward Bound

The incredible tale of the domesticated Shadow, Chance and Sassy travelling the three hundred and thirty miles home to their owners is a favourite for any child of the 80s and 90s. 

One Reddit user named 'itactuallysucks' was fortunate enough to actually meet the animals when she was a little girl. Her boyfriend was skeptical when she shared this information with him so she decided the only thing for it was to post the photo to Reddit to prove him wrong. 

"My boyfriend refused to believe I had met the Homeward Bound animals, but I think this will settle that argument," she wrote on Reddit. Apparently she was the extremely lucky blonde girl in the pink pants. 

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Of course this prompted all of the people who saw the image to relive their childhoods and all of the feels for poor Shadow.


Well, we know what movie we'll be watching tonight anyways. 

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