If you're about to eat a McDonald's, you'd better look away now.

Anna Potterton of Churchtown, Co. Westmeath, sat down to enjoy a Happy Meal in McDonald's of Grafton St., Dublin on October 7th. The meal, which usually consists of a burger and a small portion of chips had an extra 'surprise' - a maggot / dead worm inside one of the chips.

As Anna describes it, it looked something like 'a worm or maggot'. What's more frightening is that when she asked for a refund, the cashier said that it happened "very, very often."

In a statement to DailyEdge, McDonald's have said that they are investigating the photo. "McDonald’s Ireland has been contacted by a customer regarding an apparent potato defect in a serving of fries in our Grafton Street Restaurant. The matter is now being looked into."

Here's the photo in question. Look away now if you're squeamish. 


I went to McDonald's on Grafton street for lunch today, not something I'd usually do. I got a happy meal, something I...

Posted by Anna Potterton on Wednesday, 7 October 2015


And here's a .gif detailing the myriad of reactions we had upon seeing said photo.



Although we can't conclusively state that it's a maggot or worm, it looks pretty real to us. The image, which has since gone viral on Facebook and has been shared over 2,000 times, looks pretty genuine.

Couple that with an official statement by McDonald's and it's... yeah.


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